Sifnos is the jewel island Cyclades

Sifnos – General Information

Sifnos belongs to a small group of islands called the ‘Western Cyclades’. Its unique features compared to the other islands are: its traditional way of life and architecture, its unconventional quality of tourism, the friendliness and warm hospitality of its people, the unspoiled and well-preserved small churches and monasteries and its brilliant sunlight, the ‘Apollonian Light’. Sifnos has also a long food tradition, since the best Chefs are Sifnians and are famous world-wide. Whatever footpath you decide to take in order to explore the island, you will be surprised to find untouched nature. According to ‘Natura’ environmental organization, these paths are among the best in Greece. No wonder National Geographic 2011/2012 special edition, ‘Secret Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the world’s Best Hidden Travel Gems’ rates Sifnos as the 9th Spot in the Top Ten list of ‘Islands under the Sun’ ‘…… if you find yourselves there, you’ll know there’s no other place of equal beauty in the whole world’.

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